Thursday, October 11, 2012

Chris Diwan, Formerly of Mann-Bracken, Now With LVNV!

Yes, the one and only Christopher J. Diwan, formerly of Mann Bracken, is now with LVNV Funding, and here's some proof:

Diwan is an interesting guy. While at Mann-Bracken, he lied to the Better Business Bureau. Someone complained to the BBB about Mann-Bracken. Diwan replied, telling the BBB that Mann-Bracken had no file on the person. Oops. The complainant provided the BBB with Mann-Bracken correspondence, bearing Diwan's signature, and Diwan found himself in very hot water.

See for yourself here.

It is common knowledge that Mann-Bracken went bankrupt. Diwan tried his hand at running his own law firm, that failed. Now he's back as a debt collector.

He's been out of law school for about 8 years. Many other lawyers would have become partners by now-but not Diwan, who is gaining quite a reputation, but not really a good one…

One has to wonder, will his bungling bring about the demise of LVNV Funding as well? What were they thinking when they hired him?

Only time will tell.